Salem Tourism

If you are interested to spend your holidays in a calm and cool place, you can come to Salem. The Famous Tamil Poet – Avvaiyar's birth place is Salem. Being the central part of Tamil Nadu, it is famous for stainless steel. Tamil Nadu's fourth largest city is Salem.

Surrounded by hills, Salem is also a part of the Kongu Nadu (Coimbatore and Erode) region Salem is at the base of the renowned tourist destination of Yercaud hills, which offers breathtaking views both along the ride up the hill and from the peak. There are also remote sites of beauty such as Kiliyur Falls.The city is surrounded by a natural amphitheatre of hills formed by the Nagaramalai to the north, the Jeragamalai to the south, the Kanjanamalai to the west, and Godumalai to the east

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Yercaud Hills (Salem’s Ooty)
Distance from Salem : 22Km
Yercaud is one of the most well known hill stations of Tamil Nadu. These hills form a part of the Servarayan Range in the Eastern Ghats and are situated at an altitude of 1515 m(4,920 feet) above sea level. The area of these hills is also popular for coffee plantations and orange groves, along with an orchidarium, which is run by the Botanical Survey of India
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Kiliyur Falls
Distance from Salem : 3Km
The Kiliyur Falls is another popular attraction of Salem, situated 3 km away from the city. These falls drop from a height of 300 ft and are famous for its activities like boating and swimming.
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Kurumbapatti Zoological Park
Distance from Salem : 6Km
Kurumpapatti Zoological Park is a small zoological park situated at a distance of 6 km from the city of Salem. This park is mainly known for its bird species, like the white peacock and small multicolour cranes.
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Hogenakal Falls (Salem’s)
Distance from Salem : 34Km
Hogenakkal Falls is a waterfall in South India on the river Kaveri. It is located in the Dharmapuri district of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Hogenakal Falls, Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.
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Kolli Hills
Distance from Salem : 53Km
Situated in Tamil Nadu, Kolli Hills rises 1300 m into the sky. It takes 72 pen bends to climb to the highest peak of this place. But the one's you should go sight-seeing for would be Sekkuparai and Selur Nadu. They are at the moment being promoted as touristic places and that's why this is your chance to explore the unexplored. Ever heard of hybrid pineapples? Well this place has pineapple research farm which breeds a variety of never seen before pineapples.
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Mettur Dam
Distance from Salem : 52Km

Mettur, meaning ‘town with crests and troughs’, It provides irrigation facilities to other district farm land.Built at a length of 1700 meters,the mettur hydro electrical power projects station is there.Sorrounded with the hills makes Mettur as a tourist attraction. The upstream of the dam is Hognekkal fall.

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Poolampatty water place (Salem’s Kerala)
Distance from Salem : 40Km
The daily boat ride across River Cauvery in picturesque Poolampatti in Salem district throws safety to the winds. In Salem we have a nice place Called Poolampatti which is nearly 40 km away from Salem city. Every one in Salem please Visit it once.Boat ride Poolampatti to Nerunjipettai in erode.